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Kendal Castle

I’ve not got round to doing research here, but Kendal Castle was a magnificent place to visit – the remains stand tall above the town on a steep and defensible hill, surrounded by a deep moat that still holds some gathered water. You have to walk about half the perimeter of the castle to reach the main entrance, the castle walls are thick, and the keep impressive in size. I wonder whether the purposeful walk around the castle’s walls to its entrance was a design for stature or defense? As described in Marc Morris’s book Castle, Kendal strikes me as one that was build to impress, to impose, to show the importance of it’s owners. This was the home of Catherine Parr, Henry VIII’s last wife. I would’ve spent more time reading the information boards and taking pictures if it hadn’t been so cold!

P1030525 P1030527 P1030529 P1030533

(Above) The dripping here is mortar from between the stone, exposed to the harsh weather

P1030535 P1030538

(Above) An example of some carefully rebuilt (in this case re-inforced) newer sections of the castle, a similar filling in of window arches to Penrith

(above) The back entrance looked to have had a low vaulted ceiling

P1030548 P1030552

The following three images show the route up towards the gatehouse, and a view behind showing the moat





(Above) Only the base and middle of the keep remain, the gatehouse would’ve stood to the right of this picture




One thought on “Kendal Castle

  1. Amazing photos! Your photography is great! I love castles, always have. When my husband and I were in Scotland, we couldn’t go anywhere without stumbling over ruins.

    Posted by Gayle Mullen Pace | January 15, 2013, 11:31 am

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