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Tynemouth Priory


After accidentally buying the wrong ticket at the metro, I decided to go to Tynemouth and visit the Priory. The weather was dreadful, and that’s compounded by being in such an exposed coastal area when it’s already windy and rainy. Anyway, onto old buildings!


The rood screen divides the eastern section of the church, an area reserved for the monks, from the rest of the building. This is a four-centred arch (left) and a romanesque arch (right).



Understandably the sandstone, particularly facing the coast, has weathered massively. But it’s startling how the ruins are preserved, there’s not a great deal of stone on the ground, however the sheer height of the remaining presbytery walls is incredible.

P1040706 P1040698

P1040704Above, the remains of a quadripartite ribbed vault ceiling.

P1040703The crosses are dog’s tooth mouldings, you can see the same pattern in the picture below, at the top of the outermost arch.


(Below) Arches with no view are called Blind Arcading, and are purely decorative. These have a trefoil design on top and two-centred below, the extruding stone that separates them is a string course.


I wanted to take some more pictures of the gatehouse, but by the time I’d circled the priory and got back my hands had pretty much given up, so I’ll definitely visit again when the weather is a bit more forgiving! The deterioration at the gatehouse is completely different to the priory, it’s rather damp and slimy and seems to have been taken over by the birds.

P1040681 P1040726


Finally just to give some context to the location, this is the priory from the air when the weather isn’t terrible. The gatehouse is on the top left, and overlooking the coast are gun batteries from the First and Second World Wars.




2 thoughts on “Tynemouth Priory

  1. Amazing photos with gorgeous details. Makes me want to visit!

    Posted by Gayle Mullen Pace | October 13, 2013, 8:29 pm
  2. If you do visit, check the weather forecast first!

    Posted by knoxee | October 13, 2013, 8:34 pm

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