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Penrith Castle Update

It always seems overdue to share some progress, because I’m perpetually frustrated with how unfinished everything is. I’ve been working on the textures for the outer walls and Strickland’s Tower (this will change again, I’m going to use smaller stones based on the photographs I have from the site). These are just diffuse textures, I’m still playing with the intensity of the colours and trying to hide the tiling.




It’s also time to stop being a wimp and do something about the back entrance, these photos are taken from the other side of the highlighted wall, looking outwards. Looks suspiciously like the remains of a large window.

P1040526 P1040527

I had the crazy/stupid idea of using Penrith in a custom map for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, so my time is now divided between working on the castle in 3DS Max and learning UDK, from which I’ll progress onto the Chivalry editor. This is massively overdue on my part, I was reasonably set on using Unity just to have a walk around the building, but the prospect of being able to run around a virtual recreation of Penrith castle getting stabbed is too exciting.

Next I’m going to get the interior blocked out, so I can take a look at how the door widths and window sizes feel, and adjust accordingly. This does mean the model will separate off at some point from what’s supposed to be the most realistic, from a gameplay perspective there are so many things I’d change, for instance thinner walls, adjoining various small rooms, and making rooftop areas accessible. I’ll have a model that’s more accurate than the artists impressions I’ve managed to find, and another model that is (hopefully) fun to play.

A nice aerial shot to show the overall layout:

aerial photograph of Penrith Castle Cumbria EnglandEdit: The mesh in Blender, roughing out the interior:



As I blocked out a simple interior the castle seemed so much smaller in UDK, but later positioning floors feels like it’s increased the size again, I have a much better idea of how much space there is to explore within the walls, even though the castle is a simple layout.



I’m going to continue with the interior, perhaps until there’s something playable, the way it plays in Chivalry will certainly determine some changes, sacrificing accuracy.

I’m finding it a slow process making progress in Blender and UDK, they’re both pretty new to me (especially UDK). Blender feels as though there are a lot of fundamental differences that make it harder to learn from Max than my experience transitioning from Max to Modo, the same features are often there under a different name (or just not there at all, like a deselection box, you have to use the lasso tool) and there seems to be a pattern of uncomfortable shortcuts, ctrl+shift+alt+C to adjust the object origin is the most stupid one I’ve used so far.




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