My Experience With Attic Property Services

I vowed to write this some time ago, but I didn’t want to disrupt the bliss it is to finally live in habitable house run by a professional agency and a decent landlady. My housemate Hannah and I were put through hell by a company called Attic Property Services. To me, the entire fundamental point of renting a property from an agent, or privately from a landlord (aside from because you can’t afford to buy a home), is that you pay rent not only for a roof over your head, but you are also paying for a service to maintain that property.

The Attic Property Services web site makes a number of claims about the service they provide:

“We don’t just work 9-5 as most other Agents, we offer out of hours appointments and contact at all times, evenings or weekends”

“Providing a Professional & Personal Service to all of our Clients, at ALL times”

I lived in a property managed by Attic Property Services (which I will abbreviate to APS from here on) for just over two years. Alarm bells rang when my original house mate moved out, and the company started seeking a new tenant to fill the spare room. I have no evidence to share for this, but on 3 occasions they failed to provide the legally required 24 hours notice before sending a prospective tenant to view the property. In one incident I was at the gym, finished my session, went to get my things out my locker and noticed I had a list of missed calls from Lisa at APS – stating I had to be at the property that very instant to show a prospective tenant around, the first news I had heard of this particular tenant coming to view. In the following phone conversation I was blamed for being “difficult” because they needed to fill the room, despite the fact that I headed straight home in my sweaty gym gear and sat and waited for the prospective tenant.

When a friend of mine from university was considering moving to Newcastle, I showed her round the spare room to see if she was interested, and perhaps unluckily for her she was. I gave her the contact details for APS and she arranged a move-in date with them. I booked the afternoon off work so I could help her move her belongings in – if the lift wasn’t working (which was frequent), we’d have eight flights of stairs to move things up.

It was extremely fortunate that I did that, because if I hadn’t, Hannah would have been left stranded outside our house. APS failed to turn up on her move in date, and ignored all her calls and emails. I have no spare keys, and it was two days later when she was given her own keys.

In March I had a few issues with the apartment that I took up APS on, and I formalised our requests in the following email, dated 11th March 2014. For ease of formatting I have removed all personal email addresses and telephone numbers. The numbers, names and email addresses for APS are viewable on their web site, so I’ve left them visible here.

On 11 March 2014 at 00:10 Emily Knox <> wrote:

Hi Lisa,

There’s a couple of things that we need someone to fix in the bathroom, the radiator is leaking and we just have a bowl under it at the moment to catch the water.
Also the cord used to turn the small light on is stuck and so we’re unable to use it.


On Tuesday, 11 March 2014, 14:58, “info@atticpropertyservices.co.uk” <info@atticpropertyservices.co.uk> wrote:
Hi Emily,

I have arranged for a plumber to contact you or Hannah to arrange a time for him to come out to the property to fix the leak and light.

Kind Regards

Attic Property Services
Lettings Department
0191 428 3351

On 25 March 2014 at 13:25 Emily Knox <> wrote:

Hi Paula,

We still haven’t heard anything from someone to fix the leak or the light?

info@atticpropertyservices.co.uk 25 Mar 2014
I will chase it up again for you Emily.

Kind Regards

Attic Property Services
Lettings Department
0191 428 3351


Someone did come to look at the radiator, but not the light. As stated in my following email from 29th September, the radiator was still leaking, the bathroom door handle kept getting stuck shut, and the sofas (a minor issue – not something an agent can be obligated to make good on) were falling apart.


From: Emily Knox <>
To: Attic Property <info@atticpropertyservices.co.uk>
Cc: “Hannah” <>
Sent: Monday, 29 September 2014, 12:38
Subject: House maintenance on Apartment 9, Clayton House


We have a number of items that need work in our house. We urgently need to get the bathroom door fixed, as the handle has a problem now where it doesn’t fully open the catch, so people can actually get stuck inside the bathroom.
The small light in the bathroom can no longer be turned on, as the cord has gotten stuck and we’ve been unable to get it back out.
The radiator in the bathroom has a leaking problem, I think someone came over to fix this a while ago and may have just turned the radiator off, but it still leaks from time to time and needs looking at again.

We also need new sofas, the current sofas are so old that the material has started to become fully worn off from the sofa arms. We’ve tried covering the sofas with throws but they are still deteriorating and need to be replaced. I can provide pictures if necessary.



On 03 October 2014 at 13:39 Emily Knox <> wrote:

Hi Lisa,

I just tried to ring you and got your message that you are on leave till the 1st October.
I am forwarding the email I sent on Monday, we urgently need to get the door handle on our bathroom door repaired. We have had situations where someone gets stuck in the bathroom and it requires two people to force the door open.

We have a range of problems with the property that need addressing, but the bathroom door is urgent as someone can get stuck in there, which is obviously a serious fire hazard and safety concern. Please get in touch with me or Hannah ASAP.



info@atticpropertyservices.co.uk 3 Oct 2014
Hi Emily,

I have been on holiday, tried calling you to discuss.

I have spoken with Hannah and agreed to speak with her tomorrow or yourself

Kind Regards
Attic Property Services
Lettings Department
0191 428 3351

I don’t think I had any missed calls from Lisa at this point, but it’s not something I have evidence for. In any case, we were still waiting on the bathroom light being repaired, the bathroom door handle being repaired, and a leaking radiator being repaired – it’s obviously not in my interests to ignore calls, Hannah and I wanted all these items fixed as soon as possible. We share one bathroom for the shower, sink, bath, and toilet, so we were keen to move things forward.

A few days later Hannah stepped in to try chasing up the repairs.

On 07 October 2014 at 19:20 Hannah  < > wrote:

Dear Lisa

Following our emails on the 29th September and the 3rd of October, and our recent phone call, we have not received any email about the repairing and fixing of the bathroom handle. This is a serious issue, as it is both invading our privacy and is a fire and safety hazard.

We are requesting that this issue be fixed within 14 days of this email, due to the safety risk and the lack of privacy caused by the issue.

Please reply to either me or Emily via email, since we are both at work from 9-6 daily. We both require 24 hours’ notice so that we can book time off work to let any repairman have access to the property.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the bathroom radiator is still out of action, since no repairman has been in since the previous one came out to stop it leaking in April. Also the mirror light in the bathroom is not working, as the cord appears to have become jammed. We would appreciate these to be fixed in a reasonable timeframe as well.

Thank you,



On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, – – < lisa@atticpropertyservices.co.uk> wrote:
Hi Hannah,

Chris has been trying to call you re the handle, sorry i was on other emergencies.
I have said text me as I dont get my emails when I am out driving, You have been told not to close the door fully and that somebody would be in touch, I hope you have listened to my advice and that you have called Chris back.
Will be in touch with a plumber tomorrow for you hun.

If I interject here – we had a misunderstanding at this point. One of the people in the building we live in, who helps with communal building issues, like the door buzzers, and is an emergency contact if you get locked out, is called Chris. We thought Lisa was referring to him – but she’s actually referring to a repairman called Chris who, at this point, we had never heard of nor heard from.

On 08 October 2014 at 10:43 Hannah  < > wrote:

Hi Lisa

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately neither me or Emily have heard anything from Chris. Should we be contacting him about internal issues from now on or is this a one off for the door handle?

We ask to communicate via email so that we have a dated record of communications.

Thank you for sorting out a plumber, you can pass on my number or email incase they need to contact us for arranging a date to come out.




From: – – < lisa@atticpropertyservices.co.uk>
Date: Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Subject: Broken bathroom door handle
To: Hannah  < >
He has been calling you, he has rang twice yesterday and today. I have told him to text you.
No you contact me and then I pass on the job, which I have done.
You need to answer your phone during the day.
I will tell him to text you ok

At this point, Hannah and I are confused. Our phones have been working absolutely fine this entire time, we have missed calls from no-one.


On 08 October 2014 at 21:40 Emily Knox < > wrote:


This is simply a lie. Chris did not ring either of us yesterday. You are more than welcome to look at our phones and observe this. The first contact we have had with Chris about repairs is today.
Neither of us are able to answer our phones during the day when we are at work unless it is during our lunch hour. I should be reachable between 12 and 1. This is why we are asking for email communication.


From: “lisa@atticpropertyservices.co.uk” <lisa@atticpropertyservices.co.uk>
To: Emily Knox <>
Sent: Wednesday, 8 October 2014, 23:16
Subject: Re: Fwd: Broken bathroom door handle

No he tried twice yesterday (only Hannah ) as did I! I have seen his phone list of outgoing calls and I know mine! So you are now in touch, but you do have to realise that repairs are carried out in working hours and that you both have to be contactable.
As far as i was aware Hannah was at home and that was the best contact for contractors! That is why I gave her number. I have advised Chris to Text.

I simply cant text or email when Driving, you have to make one of you available for calls for repairs.

I hope you have this sorted and expect and email back immediately.

If I instruct WORKS you need to be available and we need telephone contact

Once again, Hannah had no missed calls. I have no idea why Lisa brought up texting and emailing while driving.


On 09 October 2014 at 17:01 Emily Knox < > wrote:


Neither myself nor Hannah want or expect you to text or email us while you are driving.

We asked for contact by email because these phone calls you say you and Chris have been making had not reached either of us and it is not getting us any closer to any of the issues with the property being fixed. If you have been ringing us when we are unable to take calls at work you should have been able to leave a recorded message.

I am meeting Chris on Sunday for repairs.

From: – – <lisa@atticpropertyservices.co.uk>
To: Emily Knox <>
Sent: Thursday, 9 October 2014, 19:53
Subject: Re: Fwd: Broken bathroom door handle

We need telephone contact during working hours with at least one of you. We cannot be expected to email each evening when we are with our families or in my case working elsewhere.
I appreciate that Chris has this once agreed to come out on a Sunday but this will not be the case for other contractors, most dont work weekends.
I need you to come to some arrangement for access during normal working hours for the radiator. Is there any days that you get off? any future holidays booked?
The Landlord is liable for repairs but in reasonable working hours. This only includes emergencies on weekends and evenings.
Please get back to me with your reasonable availability. thanks

On 12 October 2014 at 12:24 Emily Knox < > wrote:
Hi Lisa,

Last night our boiler stopped working properly, we’ve got hot water but no heating. I rang British Gas and they told me it’s the landlords responsibility to arrange boiler repair, so if you can get in touch with them and get back to us with a date for repair this would be greatly appreciated.

To answer the previous email, we don’t expect you to email us in the evening, are you able to email us during office hours? Hannah and I work in offices where we’re unable to answer phone calls throughout the day. I’ve said in a previous email I can answer my mobile at work on my lunch break between 12 and 1, if I’m unable to answer at any time you should be able to leave me a voice message, or an email, or a text, and I can get back in touch with you.

We just need 24 hours notice if anyone is available to carry out repairs during the week so that we’re able to arrange time off work.


Note that it is October 11th when our boiler stops working – our shower is electric so we have hot water there, but no heating, and no hot water from the taps. I contacted Lisa on Monday.

EDIT: 17/04/2015, Lisa’s Facebook on October 11th:


From: – – <lisa@atticpropertyservices.co.uk>
To: Emily Knox <>
Sent: Monday, 13 October 2014, 23:53
Subject: Re: Fwd: Broken bathroom door handle

Hi Emily,
I have been on apointments during day and dont have time to email. I call from a headset which is above board and legal. You must have a lunch where you can call me bvack surely? Its the law after all!
Graham will contact you but you need to answer your phone regarding boiler. You can arrange direcxt with him a time that suites you or Hannah x

I’ll just repeat this from the Attic Property web site: “We don’t just work 9-5 as most other Agents, we offer out of hours appointments and contact at all times, evenings or weekends”. I don’t know why she keeps ignoring me every time I tell her when my lunch break is.


EDIT: 17/04/2015: Some more updates courtesy of Lisa’s Facebook page:




On Tuesday, October 14, 2014, Emily Knox < > wrote:
Hi Lisa,
Thanks for getting in touch with someone about the boiler. As I said in my emails on the 8th and the 12th my lunch break is usually between 12 and 1 so I can answer my phone in that time during the week day.



From: Hannah  <>
To: – – <Lisa@atticpropertyservices.co.uk>
Cc: Emily Knox <>
Sent: Thursday, 16 October 2014, 11:20
Subject: Re: Broken bathroom door handle

To Lisa,

Our heating is still not working and neither me nor Emily have heard anything from Graham yet. The apartment is almost unbearably cold, and we have to wear jumpers, dressings gowns and coats on top of our clothes just to keep warm. Please get in touch with him, or pass on his number to me and Emily so we can ring him and organise a day to come out.

I would like to pass on some information that Chris the repairman told us in regards to the flat:

1. Some of the doors need replacing as they do not fit in the door frames. The door handles for the bathroom and Emily’s room have been removed, so they can now be closed and locked without danger of being trapped inside. Obviously this is not ideal as it is awkward and there is a risk of splinters when opening the door using the hole for the door handle.

2. The bathroom radiator needs replaced – it is dangerously attached to the wall and could potentially fall off. It also needs replacing as it will leak otherwise.

3. The bathroom light needs replacing as the mechanism to turn on the light has broken.

4. The roof needs re-doing. I understand this may not be your responsibility as such but since it affects the apartment something needs to be done about it. The roof does not drain off properly, causing standing water which then leaks in to the apartment. There are also areas in which if it has been a wet day, if you press your foot on it water can be squeezed out of the roof.

The council came out to look at the flat on Tuesday, and confirmed what Chris had said. They also said that my room is very cold due to a lack of insulation. They should be in touch with Attic Property regarding the flat in the next few weeks.

Please get Graham to contact us asap. Living in the flat is not pleasant at the moment.

Thank you



Hannah refers to the Council – I got in touch with Newcastle Council to ask them how we can go about enforcing repairs, their answer is to arrange a viewing with both us (the tenants) and Lisa (the agent), and come to an agreement on all repairs that must be carried out. We hear nothing from Lisa, until 6.24 in the morning on Friday when my phone buzzes and wakes me up. It’s a text from Lisa!



My reply was not as polite as it could’ve been. But having been freezing and ignored for a week and disturbed in my sleep I snapped. My reply to Lisa is delayed as I immediately rang Graham, who was polite and understanding, and we arranged an appointment to repair the boiler on Saturday. So in summary, she knew we had no heating on Monday. She had the name of a repairman on Monday, Graham, but neglected to pass on any information to them, or any contact information for them to me or Hannah. She chose to be a gatekeeper and leave us to freeze. And for reasons I cannot fathom – she thinks it is my fault for not ringing her.

October is a cold month in the north of England, it’s generally below 10C, with 6.2C apparently being the coldest. Our flat is old and extremely drafty. The roof has holes and leaks regularly in 4 different places – but this is a communal building responsibility, not for APS. Hannah’s description of our wearing coats on top of dressing gowns on top of jumpers is not milking it, that’s how we dressed indoors. A huge reason that APS’s behaviour here really pisses me off is that, every year, vulnerable people die in this country because their heating fails. What if Hannah or I were vulnerable? What if this company is responsible for someone vulnerable? Providing hot water and heating is an incredibly basic requirement.

On 17 October 2014 at 08:39 Emily Knox <> wrote:


Sending a text at 6.24am on Friday 17 th October after you were aware of our broken heating on Monday 13 th October is not giving us suitable notice for repairs; as our landlord and managing agent you are legally obligated to provide heating and hot water at all times, repairing the heating during cold weather is an urgent matter. I rang Graham [SURNAME REMOVED], whose details you passed over this morning to ask about the repairs and he said you only got in touch with him yesterday, he didn’t have time that day to make an appointment with us and so he text my house mate Hannah at 6.16am this morning, which again, is not suitable notice for either of us to get time off work. You replied to my email on Monday 13th about our broken heating, and it is unacceptable that you did not take any action on our urgent repair needed on the boiler for four days.

I have attached screenshots of the texts you sent this morning, in which you say that you have been ill, and that Hannah and I should have contacted the office instead. We are shocked that you think this is acceptable; we had no way of knowing that you were not taking action on our request for urgent repairs, and if you were unable to carry this out it was your responsibility to get in touch with someone who can.

Hannah and I were so concerned with the state of the house and the lack of action being taken on repairs, particularly the heating (see Hannah’s email below) that we have been in touch with Newcastle Council, who I have CC’d into this email.
I have arranged for Graham to carry out repairs on Saturday between 8-8.30.



From: – – <lisa@atticpropertyservices.co.uk>
To: Attic Property <info@atticpropertyservices.co.uk>; [Our contact at Newcastle Council] ; Emily Knox <>
Cc: Hannah
Sent: Saturday, 18 October 2014, 0:41
Subject: Re: Broken bathroom door handle

Hi Emily,
I have fully appologised for me being really ill as you know, but I have also stressed about daytimme contact, we have evidence that you have been contacted within work hours.
I am covered Monday to Thursday and unforuntatley I was still ill today which is the one day I work on my own. I specifically asked Graham to contact you early hours before work to ensure your heating was arranged. You have stated that it was URGENT yet had to AGAIN arrange a weekend appointment, again I stress to you that the none contact in normal working hours has been a problem with both you and Hannah, you CANNOT expect us to work out of hours for you all of the time.
Yet when we try to contact you before work you complain?
We have resolved the issues today and you have both contractors numbers therefore I will be resting to wait on my results. I am genuinly sorry for the inconvenience but no contact during working hours was a huge problem for the people contacting try9ing to contact you, I have slept and vomitted all day for nearly 11 days. I am sorry. I have NEVER let you down in the past and could not arrange cover for today as last night I thought I was ok and then today took a funny turn again. I now have cover permanently.
Hope you and Hannah are both well. In future any maintenance issue, please text not email if you cannot call me.

Kindest Lisa


On 22 October 2014 at 12:07 Emily Knox <> wrote:

Hi Lisa,

Apologies for the lengthy email but I have to refute a number of items within your last email, so I have broken it down to answer each part at a time.

“I have fully appologised for me being really ill as you know,”
You apologised for being ill on Friday, five days after you responded to our emergency complaint that we needed the heating fixed. If you were ill and unable to assist us, you should have forwarded our urgent need for heating repair to someone else at Attic Property, and you should have told us you were ill and unable to help. In the email you sent on Monday you told us: “Graham will contact you but you need to answer your phone regarding boiler” , this doesn’t explain why we didn’t hear from him for 5 days.

“but I have also stressed about daytimme contact, we have evidence that you have been contacted within work hours.”
The only time you have been in contact with me in work hours was on Friday 17th after I spent the duration of my lunch hour ringing the Attic Property office number, where I also left a message. I made 9 calls, and it wasn’t until 4.10pm that you picked up the phone. I told you on the 8th October that my lunch hour is between 12 and 1, and that I am free to answer phone calls at this time. I told you this again on the 12th October, and I told you this again on the 14th October. You can ring any time during the day and leave a message and I will get back to you. Yet you have never called me at this time, and I have never missed a call from you, and you have never left a message on my phone.

“I am covered Monday to Thursday and unforuntatley I was still ill today which is the one day I work on my own.”
This doesn’t explain why you ignored our urgent heating issue for 4 days before you called an engineer to fix it. If you were covered Monday to Thursday why didn’t the person covering get in touch with us? I ask again, if you were so ill you couldn’t get in touch with an engineer, why didn’t you pass on our urgent need for repair to someone else at Attic Property? Why didn’t you tell us in your correspondence on Monday that you were ill? Why did you wait until Friday to tell us this?

“I specifically asked Graham to contact you early hours before work to ensure your heating was arranged.”
And we specifically asked for 24 hours notice if repairs are to be carried out during the week so that we can arrange time off work to let someone in the property. We can’t be absent from our jobs with no notice. Why didn’t you pass on the engineers information when you knew our heating was broken on Monday?
“You have stated that it was URGENT yet had to AGAIN arrange a weekend appointment, again I stress to you that the none contact in normal working hours has been a problem with both you and Hannah”
As stated above I have told you on three separate occasions that I’m able to answer my phone at work between 12 and 1, but you have never called me during this time, and I have never missed a call from you. If I cannot answer the phone, you have many other methods with which to contact us by: you can leave a recorded message on the phone, you can leave a text, you can send an email. Saying that you can have no contact with us in normal working hours is untrue.
Sending a text to me at 6.24 on Friday morning is not within normal working hours, and that isn’t enough notice for either of us to arrange time off work.

“you CANNOT expect us to work out of hours for you all of the time.”
We don’t expect you to work out of hours for us at any time. We expect that when you are informed our heating is broken that you will get the issue fixed promptly, but you made no attempt to communicate with us for five days – the entire working week. You left us with no choice but to request Graham to make the repairs on Saturday, which he was happy to do, and doesn’t inconvenience you in any way as you are not present for repairs and the appointment was arranged between myself, Hannah and Graham.

“Yet when we try to contact you before work you complain?”
6.24 (or in Hannah’s case, 6.15) in the morning is not a reasonable time to contact either of us. We’re complaining because our heating was left not working for an entire week in cold weather.

“We have resolved the issues today and you have both contractors numbers therefore I will be resting to wait on my results. I am genuinly sorry for the inconvenience but no contact during working hours was a huge problem for the people contacting try9ing to contact you,”
Again, I’ve told you three times I’m available to answer my phone during the week on my lunch hour between 12 and 1, but you’ve literally never done this. You’ve never attempted to call me and you’ve never left me a message. The repairmen have never had problems contacting us and arranging for repairs to be carried out, the issue is that we’ve had to wait days (in the case of the heating, 5 days) for you to put anyone in touch with us, either by passing our details onto repairmen or passing their details onto us.

“I have slept and vomitted all day for nearly 11 days. I am sorry.”
Why didn’t you mention this in your email on Monday when we told you the heating was broken and in urgent need of repair? In the email you sent on Monday, you told us: “Graham will contact you but you need to answer your phone regarding boiler.” By Thursday we had no communication from you or Graham, and sent a reminder email on Thursday. You didn’t pass on any contact information for Graham until Friday morning.

“I have NEVER let you down in the past”
You let me down before Hannah moved in, when you repeatedly arranged for tenants to view the other room without giving me the 24 hours notice that you are legally required to. Hannah was also let down after she arranged a moving in date, and no-one turned up to give her keys to the house, and no-one would answer her calls or emails. It was two days after her moving in date before Hannah was given keys to the house.

With regards to the outstanding issues in the property, our bathroom lock is broken, the bathroom light is still broken, and the bathroom radiator is still leaking. I’ve contacted Chris to arrange a time to repair these. I have sent this email to the attic property company email address as well in case you are still unwell.



Lisa decided to follow up this format by replying again to each quote I’d separated out. It’s a bit repetitive to quote the entire thing again, but at this point a saint of a friend, a human being estate agent, gave me his professional thoughts on her response. Lisa’s words are in italics, and his responses are in blue. 


I was ill Emily and you have not contacted the repair back when they tried to call you. Chris was trying to call you I have seen his call register. Icant appolgide anymore for being ill for that period.
Ultimately the heating should not have gone on for 5 days at all. She should have informed someone else at the office of the emergency. Both sides of the coin – You should have contacted Attic property direct and not the single agent if you have the contact details to do so.

You could have text me Emily but neither of you did. even though I was ill I was working from my mobile but ytou both stuck to emailing. My voicemail blatently states to text me in an emergency, neither of you did. I can assure you the enigineer I though was going to get in touch with you didnt, then I instructed Graham.
If you are only available during certain times they should make contractors aware of this. Our contractors are advised of what time frame to contact a tenant and if they are unable to reach them they still attend and leave a card if no access was available.

EDIT 17/04/2015: Lisa had already made contact with Graham on October 11th – the day before I even wrote my email to explain the boiler was broken:



A text is not a legal document and should not be used to document any sort of report or maintenance of anything at all. It is a basic form of communication and that is it. An email on the other hand is a legal form of communication and can be used to confirm action.

I explained I was ill, I am not going through this over and over. I didnt ignore you, just the original engineer didnt call you! I though he had it in hand and as I didnt receive a text from you as my voicemeil states I then passed the work onto Graham.
The agent should constantly keep in touch to see if the work is resolved especially if it is something to do with heating. The following day after instructing I would contact to see if we are any further forward.

I appreciate that, but surely if you havnt been contacted then you could text me between 12 & 1 to let me know that you hadnt been contacted.

Early before work is acceptable but not 6:15am. Unless you specifically say so. In all fairness they should provide you the 24 hours notice in order to get time of work. If anything this makes it easier to arrange for the contractor as he has lead time.

EMailing me when I am out in bad signal areas doesnt work for us either! So you need to come to more of an approriate arrangement, I suggest you text me if it is an emergency. Like my voicemeila states.
You seem to be missing the point Emily. You do expect me to email out of hours all of the time. You dont answer your phone during the day and I drive alot and cannot email when I am on appointments therefore I do emailing on an evening because I cannot necessarily guarantee you a call between 12 & 1. The best option between us is obviously text to work together
From what I can see you do noet expect any out of hours contact. Just contact that can be received and dealt with. IE on your lunch hour or leaving a voicemail or email.  Texting is not a legal form of communication and I would not recommend it.  Email or even voicemails and letters are perfectly fine. Voicemails may slow the process down but you know it can be dealt with

you are being complete unrerasonable Emily, you are basically saying that the only time we can contact you is between 12 & 1, that is not good enough, when I realised that the other Engineer had not contacted you I specifically asked Graham to contact you before work to correct the error. I had tried to get the first available engineer for you, like again I say I appologise for being in bed ill.What was the point in me telling him to contact you between 9&5? He wouldnt have got an answer. Thats why he text before you both started ork to try and sort it out ASAP
There is nothing unreasonable in your requests. It is however unreasonable to contact you at 6:30am unless you have said it is okay.

No Emily you cannot tell us if we are out on jobs you are only giving us a 1 hours slot, you have never even offered alternative times for Hannah?
This is her just be arrogant and trying to shovel some of the blame to you. You have already stated you both work and between 12-1 is the best time for both of you.  There is no issue contacting you at 10am leaving a voicemail and having you return the call on lunch and if necessary leave a voicemail or even reply the next day.  However the agent not dealing with the issue is a big deal especially to have no heating for a working week. Did they even offer to provide temporary heating? We and other agents in the area a number of plugin oil and element heaters in the event of an emergency and no one is physically capable to do anything. This is a temporary fix and should not be more then 2 days long.

In a shared house we do not have to give you 24 hours notice, we simply have to ask, that is not letting you down, we are paid to fill the rooms ASAP and you were not very helpful with the viewings. We have to ask you as soon as we get the request to view. I actually met Hannah at the house! You moved her in when I was fully booked. I got there as soon as I could.
[NOTE: This is a blatant lie. When Hannah moved in, there was just me, her dad, and a friend of hers moving her possessions. No-one from APS got in touch or made an appearance for two days]
The agents are required to provide you notice to conduct a viewing. They infact are not allowed by law to enter the property if you say no. They must request permission to do any viewings at all even if you are away for a weekend.  This is Statutory law and this cannot be changed even by a written contract. If you do not wish for any viewings to take place you simply state “no or Do not enter the property”

Again texting is not a legal form of communication and should not be relied upon.  You have again told her to contact you between set time She could leave a message or text you. I leave plenty of voicemails and always send a text to just politely let people know they have got a voicemail from me.

You are not required by law at all to do viewings or even allowing viewings. The agent can be refused access for any reason other then in an emergency to prevent damage to the house. (Even if you signed a contract stating you will do viewings) You can refuse this as by statutory law you are not required to do them.

They do have to give you notice to gain access unless the work is done in a communal area then it is not required. A 2 bed house with a shared living room and kitchen is not a communal area.  Flats with hall ways are considered to have communal areas

You have already agreed with Graham to keep in contact with him for the radiator with this week. He has stated he can have someone there Friday for you. You have already arranged with Chris for Friday for the lock so hopefully this suites you.
I am going to text you now off the emergency mobile number which you MUST use for repairs. It is normally my number but if I am unwell again then you still use the same number as comeone else would have this phone ok. We CANNOT always anser emails and the office ophone is nopt used for EMERGENCIES. I hope this is clear.
The decorative light in the apartment is not an EMERGENCY.
The office email is answered no quicker than my own
EMERGENCIES ARE TO BE INSTRUCTED TO 07903591820. I AGAIn appoligise for being ill but the emergency number was covered
You BOTH had my number from the offset of being moved in.
Also I have been advised that the property needs checked so can you TEXT me when is appropriate for you both.
The works booked in true are not an emergency however, You can be locked in the bathroom creating an emergency. The light is definitely required with darker nights it is definitely a hazard if there are no other lights in the room.

The office email whilst not answered quicker to alert other people to the situation. I would advise you copy they in on every single email you send. Informing the intended recipient you have done so.

Again, Even though you signed to say you would do viewings or accept a property inspection you can refuse these, you are by statutory law allowed to remain in the property without any disturbance from the agent or the landlord.

They have definitely failed to provide a service and I would say this can be considered a breach of the contract on the agents behalf.They have not maintained the property and it has certainly not been a habitable property for the last 5 days.  I would bring this up and suggest you are willing to let it all go if they allow you to walk away and have the bond returned in full.
If you put this to your Agent demand a call from her manager or employer. you definitely have something to go on given the state of service. If I left someone without heating for 5 days I would be let go. Even if I tried to say “I can only contact them between 12 -1 and it does not work for me”

If she works 9-5 she has 7 hours to leave you a simple voicemail or send an email.

Citizens advice will offer you free advice and they know what they are stating as well as an agent it is a nightmare when tenants get wise and attend citizens advice as they realize they have all these rights and they do not have to have inspections or Viewings if they do not want them.

Again best bet is either tell them you will walk away and forget it if they allow this and return the bonds in full. Failing that seek citizens advice. I only know so much and can only help with so much. They are much more clued up then I am 🙂

However feel free to ask me anything any time either via work email or personal contact details. You are already on my facebook and my mobile number is [REMOVED]

Feel free to call me any time, On your lunch or when you are at home. NO issues helping out in my own time.

Hope you and Hannah get it solved and hope I can help 🙂


A huge thank you to Gary for the beacon of sanity he offered.

So after all this, I began searching for a new place to live. I went through a few weeks of additional stress where UK Tenant Data, my new estate agents Jan Forster, myself, and my contact at Newcastle Council could not squeeze a reference out of APS. We were either ignored, and when we did hear anything, it was Lisa claiming no-one had tried to get in touch with her. After providing references from every single other house I have lived in, they made an exception and decided the current property reference was not needed, and Hannah and I escaped Attic Property Services. They had more than a months notice that we were leaving, and failed to arrange a hand-over date for the keys, which Hannah ended up posting to their office.

I was duty-bound to write this. Until cowboy agencies like Attic Property Services can be publicly blacklisted, new tenants will fall into their properties unaware of the risks, and that because of the biased referencing system, where agencies and landlords are not legally required to give you a reference even if you are a model tenant who always pays their rent and never does anything wrong, yet other companies require a reference in order for you to move in, model tenants like myself can become completely trapped. Please consider sharing this for the welfare of other tenants in the North East of England.

EDIT: 17/04/2015: Two text messages I received last night (16th April)




78 thoughts on “My Experience With Attic Property Services

  1. You disgust me the filth you both lived in and coudld actuallay find the time to post this? u dirty filthy people
    that are in rent arrears!!!! the poor Landlord you make me sick!!!!!

    Posted by Lisa Bane | April 16, 2015, 11:21 pm
    • Wow, this comment really shows just how professional Lisa Bane is. Unbelievable.

      Posted by Rachel W | April 17, 2015, 1:02 am
    • Wow how professional Lisa. You really ought to get your act together if you want to run a successful business. Also posting on this with your own name isn’t very clever.

      Posted by Crowley | April 17, 2015, 8:42 am
    • Oh dear, please refrain from insulting people, until you’ve learned basic English. You appear to have the language skills of a 12 year old chav with a stolen iPhone.

      Posted by Saint Mick | April 17, 2015, 9:00 am
    • Thank you for the link to your Facebook page Lisa. I had time to write this, as I wrote it 2-3 months after moving house.

      As you will see I have updated my blog post to reflect your activities when we reported the broken boiler to you – I see you had already made contact with Graham the day before, recommended his services, and that you were working on Sunday 12th October when my email was sent, and that while you were so ill you were unable to pass on his phone number to us, you were continuously selling beauty products instead.

      Posted by knoxee | April 17, 2015, 2:33 pm

        Posted by Harry McMann | April 17, 2015, 2:35 pm
      • Someone get the burn kit.

        Posted by EnterElysium (@EnterElysium) | April 17, 2015, 2:42 pm
      • YESSS!!! Well done Emily on absolutely, categorically, without a shadow of a doubt, managing to expose Lisa Bane for the terrible person and blatant liar that she is. I got off so lightly dealing with her compared to what you went through. Of course, big round of applause goes to Lisa too – for actually walking right into this and ultimately becoming her own undoing. I’ve been waiting literally years for karma to catch up to this woman. Emily, you’ve done me – and many, many other unfortunate tenants I’m sure – a massive favour.

        I think Lisa should quit while she’s *definitely not* ahead, and leave you the hell alone… but if she does ramble some more on these comments, or text you again, I can’t wait to see the excuses: maybe she was busy driving, with a broken phone, and the flu, whilst being on holiday… Laughable.

        Posted by dan smith | April 17, 2015, 5:17 pm
      • You had no right Emily. You know this!! You have blamed me for things that were not down to me! Contractors turning up and not getting in because you “couldnt let people in” You both had every excuse in the book and wanted everything out of hours but you havnt posted anything you did wrong have you!!!! And you know I legally cant post it either to defend myself. BUT I can and will ask for the signed off file from Council and get the statement from Council after the inspection.

        You have copied and pasted what suited you, not all the truth. Why part on good terms when you know I have the nicwe evidence emails from you both then do this? You offerd your bond which was tp clear rent and have not paid it?

        Also how much have you paid Rob? Or he uses the same number and calls himself Will to make threats about media and I had to get the police and my Sol involved? Apparently you have had him out for TV and media pics? then he had to admit he lied to my Sol as he is freelance, he said on vmail he worked for BBC North East, funny that as he then said his name was Will and he worked for Chronicle, all been checked out legally and above board.

        Im sorry that people on here have been so vile about me, you have had me threatened on two phone numbers, my work number naming himself as Will and my personal Beauty phone naming himself as Rob, why would you put any woman that you know is on her own through that!!!! That is threatening behaviour aswell as you stalking me on facebook. You are not my friend on facebook so why watch me? Cos i get people to post my sales on there? Thats non of your God Damn business!!!

        Who is this Rob Emily? That is claiming he has been out and interviewed you, then leaving messages stating his name is Will i can email you all of this! If you are trying to scare me!!!! its worked pet!!! Its freaked me out his actions and thats why I had to get Police and Sols involved.

        I have spoken with Chris and he has said that we all worked out things well together! none of this makesa any sense other than you are wanting some kind of compensations or something? I just dont get it?

        Posted by Lisa Bane | April 17, 2015, 11:10 pm
      • Thanks to you too Knoxee for writing this blog, and particularly for updating it with Lisa’s self-condemnation.
        It’s nice to see someone taking the time to help others from falling into the trap of such an abusive letting agent. Their website is incredibly promising, with glowing testimonials, but it’s clear that this is just a veneer to hide an unprofessional and abusive bunch of amateurs.

        I’m very pleased to see Lisa’s bothered to reply, as these comments are helping confirm that she’s as unprofessional as you state. Indeed, they also show she’s incredibly rude, and while I don’t like to accuse anyone of being a liar, they aren’t helping me believe she’s telling the entire truth. For example, surely no solicitor would ever advise her to contact the police if you look at her Facebook page.

        Posted by Pungent Crocodile | April 17, 2015, 11:38 pm
      • Thank you for exposing this vile, awful woman, we had nothing but problems with her for the the entire 15 months of our tenancy, it was a complete nightmare for us, and she on more than 1 occasion made out we was the ONLY tenants with complaints. This helps our issues no end, so thanks again

        Posted by Angela | October 29, 2015, 10:57 pm
    • Poor landlord? Well at least you’re consistently incompetent. Protip use spellcheck.

      Posted by roguerebel | April 17, 2015, 3:29 pm
    • As a potential tenant and customer with Attic, I was doing some research and stumbled upon this page and others like it. Seeing the responses given by Lisa Bane has turned me away for it completely. Totally unprofessional, lack of empathy, constantly thinking she’s in the right. She’s not right. Talking to CUSTOMERS like they’re scum for renting a property, obviously thinking she’s above the people who give her the business. It’s obvious that this is a legitimate complaint, well documented and constructively laid out. I really feel sorry for the writer of this blog, having to go through such a terrible time with an unfit agent. So unprofessional.

      “Knoxee”, I hope this gets resolved soon. This terrible, inexperienced, useless excuse for an agent doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

      Lisa Bane. What will you sue Knoxee for? What a childish attempt at scaremongering. All I’ve seen here is evidence that your service has been nothing short of completely incompetent, bordering on *professional* neglect.

      Posted by Riley | May 20, 2015, 11:02 am
  2. “u dirty filthy people that are in rent arrears!”

    Or, you know, “people have have paid too much rent considering the times when basic services were not functioning they legally would not have to pay rent on – since without basic services the property is considered unrentable”.
    Or “people who would get substantial compensation if this went to court”.
    Or “people who really deserve a warm cuppa and a hug when other people have treated them poorly”.

    But perhaps these don’t roll off the tongue as easily, although certainly they are at least better spelt.

    If you’re a business, instead of threatening and insulting clients perhaps actually consider the product you are serving. For starters: if you are advertising a product you are legally bound to serve that product as stated. Let alone the eccentricities of tenancy law such as “they must have heating”.

    I direct you to the first link on Google for “private renting”, the .gov page relevant. At least 3 out of the 10 bullet points on the first page were contravened.

    Perhaps having the bare minimum of respect for your customers, your own services and knowledge of even the most basic and google-able parts of the law might be beneficial for such a business, no? I’d advise you to go check them out, rather than harassing ex-customers who have quite a good case for damages against you.

    Posted by EnterElysium (@EnterElysium) | April 17, 2015, 1:16 am
    • I’ve seen a situation there the tenant found the landlord unwilling to actually effect a repair to a vital service, and CRB advice led to them engaging a contactor to make the repair, with the cost being withheld from the next three months of rent.

      Tenants do need to check their rights (they have plenty) to make sure they’re not taken advantage of by abusive landlords and letting agents.

      Posted by Lisa's Bosom Buffy (Not) | April 18, 2015, 12:32 am
  3. My jaw has dropped from reading this and that comment was the cherry on top. So woefully unprofessional. My ex-landlady was dreadful so I empathise hugely with having to live in awful conditions and being fed lies. There should definitely be a database for renters to review agencies/landlords.

    I think someone has an anger issue… I’d prescribe meditation and a crash course in customer service.

    Posted by demonicab | April 17, 2015, 2:00 am
  4. I’d prescribe a bullet. Property letting seems to be a career that attracts people who think: “Wow, I can make lots of money without having to lift a finger.”

    That Lisa is retarded should be obvious from her shocking illiteracy; however, she also demonstrates that she lacks the most basic grasp of how the Internet works. A single click has taken me to her Facebook page (where she bombards her friends with a constant stream of bargain offers for shop-soiled trinkets & gewgaws) and where she lists both her mobile phone numbers.

    Well, she’s about to reap what she’s sown. I can only hope that she learns a lesson from all this and becomes a better person. I won’t be holding my breath though.

    Posted by Harry McMann | April 17, 2015, 11:02 am
    • And now you can add harrasment to the list things to take her to court over 🙂

      GG Lisa

      Also, I think changing the term tenant to customer (because that’s what a tenant is at the end of the day) might lead letting agents down a better path in terms of thinking how a customer should be treated. In my experience of letting agents they either don’t care or end up on some kind of power trip because they think you live their at their will.

      Posted by Thor | April 17, 2015, 2:46 pm
  5. Thankyou for alerting me to yet useless sponging letting agency to be avoided at all costs

    Sadly, your experience is not isolated and you are not alone.

    “Pull the tapeworm out of your ass”

    Posted by Enraged in Newcastle | April 17, 2015, 3:00 pm
  6. This is just how every letting agent in London behaves IME.

    Posted by R Howe | April 17, 2015, 4:28 pm
  7. All of this has been reported as there is always two sides to every story and there has been proof on the Councils file (Environmental Health) and the contractors that I am in fact telling the truth. The files and statements have been offered to me and my Solicitor today. I am stating that this is slander and must be removed within 48 hours. I do NOT i repeat NOT want to take this further however, my Solicitor has spoken to Rob and notified him Emily!

    But I am also notifying you that you are both still in rent arrears and have also been told to call the police if you continue to watch me on facebook which is harrassment or stalking!!

    I will be emailing you what my Solicitor has told me too.

    Please remove within 48 hours

    Posted by Lisa Bane | April 17, 2015, 5:24 pm
    • Just because you’ve put a capital ‘S’ on solicitor it doesn’t make it true… If this blog’s told anyone anything, it’s that you are full of bullshit, Lisa.

      Posted by dan smith | April 17, 2015, 6:05 pm
      • Dan why? Seriously why? Are you all joined in not paying rent on time and blaming the Agent! I looked after you and never had any problems with you other than late payments and the glue on the kitchen bench!

        Posted by Lisa Bane | April 18, 2015, 1:24 am
    • A real solicitor would call this libel, not slander, so I somehow doubt you’re telling the truth about having received qualified legal advice.
      A defence against such a libel case would probably be that of “Fair comment”, where the (defamatory) statement is of a view that a reasonable person could have held.

      I don’t think you want this to go to court, as I doubt you’d enjoy seeing case for the defence.

      Posted by Tom Knight | April 17, 2015, 10:25 pm
      • Tom I have sought legal advice and have had no choice. I have been called names etc from people that don’t even know me. My business has been slandered and I cant defend myself on a blog, I have to use a Sol. I cant believe the threats off that Journalist, the journalist has 2 names? Will & Rob, I had no choice to get legal involved. He was a nightmare and even admitted to my Sol he lied!

        Posted by Lisa Bane | April 18, 2015, 1:28 am
    • You’re publishing posts on Facebook and it’s apparently harassment if people read them? Wow.

      If you’re running a professional company you fix the problems, you take care of tenants. No matter what happens, you do not slag them off via text or via these comments, even if the tenants are posting about you. Take the high road. Admit it could’ve gone better, move on.

      Posted by Gears (@gears) | April 17, 2015, 10:38 pm
      • Oh no, don’t stop her replying, I want to read more from this human car crash….

        Posted by Paddler | April 17, 2015, 10:41 pm
      • My facebook has nothing to do with my Lettings or property management. But the fact I have had threats and have the texts and vmails to prove it for things that are not true, I had to get the Solicitor involved, bullied off a journalist threatening me, i have to get to the bottom of the lies ok! I need to know who Rob/Will is! Its frightening receiving info like that, now leave me alone!

        Posted by Lisa Bane | April 18, 2015, 1:33 am
    • You know how it’s obvious you haven’t bothered with legal advice? You accused Emily of “slander” rather than “libel”. As any 1st year law student should know slander is verbal, libel is written including typed.

      Secondly, harassment and stalking claims. Ha. Harassment is easily off the cards as Emily is not making attempts to contact you and stalking is leaps and bounds away from the current situation especially given that stalking legislation provides a “reasonable person” provision. Pretty sure that looking at someone’s *public* facebook profile would not be classed as stalking under that provision let alone all the other issues that charge has.

      Repeatedly seeking out a personal blog, attempting to contact a person who has indicated they do not want to be contacted and issuing threats – wow, that does sound rather more like what the harassment and stalking legislation had in mind though… isn’t that interesting? Oh and there is a lovely civil law availability of the 1997 act that would allow Emily to counter sue for that as well as the outstanding issues now you mention it. Thanks for bringing that up!

      Posted by EnterElysium (@EnterElysium) | May 20, 2015, 11:16 am
  8. Seriously Lisa? You’re pursuing this? You do know she could counter -sue you for any number of breaches just from the evidence on this page.

    Slander has to, by law, be malicious and untrue. All the best with proving that when the weight of evidence here is strongly against you.

    There’s more than enough here to see you paying out substantially. You, lady (and I use that term most hesitantly), have, on this page alone displayed the basest and most vile characteristics of not only letting agents but humanity in general.

    I genuinely hope the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits

    Posted by smartdrywash | April 17, 2015, 5:52 pm
  9. Lisa, please let us know how you get on with phoning the police to tell them that someone has been reading your public Facebook posts.

    Also, if you are going to accuse someone of slander, you should probably make sure you know what that means first.

    Posted by Rinksy | April 17, 2015, 9:32 pm
  10. Look keep your noses out!!! there has been calls and contacts from a Guy called Rob? Or he changed his name to Will on a different message? He claims he is watching my moves due to this blog? He has told me he worked for BBC Look North and then the Chronicle? He swore to my Sol that he made an agreement with her and then got nasty on the phone to me and denied it. So if you are asking why I have had to protect myself legally, now you know! Have you any idea how scarey that is?????

    there is always two sides to every story and legally I cant state mine on here like some!! Police are coming yes due to your nasty and vile alligations and also the phonecalls and threats, I had no choice!!!

    Leave me alone, the more vile comments the worse this gets,

    Posted by Lisa Bane | April 18, 2015, 1:47 am
    • This is excellent. More drunken, late-night posts please, Lisa!
      Hint though, if you *are* going to lie in written correspondence about being ill, don’t contradict yourself simultaneously on facebook: That’s not going to look good in court, is it?

      Posted by Susan Denim | April 18, 2015, 8:48 am
  11. This is beginning to go viral! Currently reading this in Australia. This is Gold. Well done Knoxee for exposing this disgusting service. Hopefully other prospective tenants will read this and look elsewhere.

    Posted by Pete Kennedy | April 18, 2015, 2:42 am
  12. I’m trying to understand what’s going through your mind, Lisa, in the name of fairness and balance. Could it be, “Good thing I brought my shovel, that big hole in the ground doesn’t look finished.”

    Posted by Dan Warren | April 18, 2015, 6:11 am
  13. Does anyone find it odd that APS is listed as dissolved at Companies House?

    Posted by Pedro | April 18, 2015, 9:12 am
    • But I thought it was illegal to trade using the name of a dissolved company?
      I’ve just had a look and yes, Lisa was Director of Attic Property Services Limited, but this was dissolved back in 2012. I have to wonder what the accountant is making of this, the VAT side of things alone could be a nightmare.

      Posted by Confused | April 18, 2015, 10:05 am
      • It is illegal to trade as a dissolved company. Attic Property Services Limited is a dissolved company and therefore should not and, indeed, cannot be trading. Any fees received by APS are going somewhere but not to APS Limited. Someone is pocketing cash. Should point out that the APS website specifically references “Attic Property Services Limited” which it shouldn’t be doing.

        Posted by Janice76 | April 18, 2015, 10:22 am
      • To be fair you can dissolve a limited company and begin trading again as a partnership (it’s less paper work and less expensive)

        Posted by Crowley | April 18, 2015, 10:31 am
  14. Oh Lisa this really has gone spectacularly badly for you. I would feel sorry for you but you’re clearly not worth the bother. You could have just sorted the repairs. Hindsight eh? its a bitch.

    Posted by Janice76 | April 18, 2015, 9:53 am
  15. It is illegal to trade as a dissolved company. Attic Property Services Limited is a dissolved company and therefore should not and, indeed, cannot be trading. Any fees received by APS are going somewhere but not to APS Limited. Someone is pocketing cash. Should point out that the APS website specifically references “Attic Property Services Limited” which it shouldn’t be doing.

    Posted by Janice76 | April 18, 2015, 10:22 am
    • Oh you’re right! Didn’t notice that when I commented earlier. Even if you have become a partnership rather than Ltd you have to stop referring to yourself as ltd.

      Posted by Crowley | April 18, 2015, 10:35 am
      • Yep and without legal personality it can’t be contracting with anyone, tenants or landlord. There’s probably a good chance that tenants were billed in the name of APS Limited and maybe even signed tenancy agreements with APS Limited too. A company which did not exist. Which, if proven true (we should reiterate this remains speculation – except for the website which I would encourage you to take a look at if you haven’t already) would be all kinds of wrong. Also looks like this business is essentially a one-man-band Lisa ‘The Customer Service Guru” Bane is the only person linked with it as far as i can tell. APS Limited (when it was Active) was a family affair i think given the names of the other directors.

        Posted by Janice76 | April 18, 2015, 10:54 am
  16. Would be interesting to know how any tenants paid rent and to whom. Any tenants of APS Limited post-2012 reading this? Same goes for landlords – where did the rent you received from APS come from?

    Posted by Janice76 | April 18, 2015, 10:26 am
  17. Roflcopterz @ ‘alligations’

    Posted by mecha-rigsby | April 18, 2015, 4:53 pm
  18. Wow. This really is the thread that’s keeps on giving. Brilliant.

    Posted by MrJalco | April 18, 2015, 6:14 pm
  19. Given the apparent lack of professionalism, is it worth checking (if you don’t know already) whether your deposit was appropriately held in a suitable tenancy deposit scheme?

    Posted by DB | April 20, 2015, 7:34 am
    • Good point, private letting agencies are terrible at holding deposits as they should. Tenants should also received formal confirmation/notification that there deposit has been sent to one of the approved schemes, which scheme it was sent to, how to contact them and when/how it will be released. I know of very few people housed by these sorts of agencies that actually receive this and I know many more who move out and just accept that their letting agent will swallow their deposit. The responsibilities on landlords and their agents in relation to deposits are straight forward and are explained in a very understandable way in the relevant legislation and yet landlords/agents just cant be arsed to do things properly particularly if cash is involved.

      Posted by JANICE76 | April 20, 2015, 10:01 am
      • https://www.gov.uk/tenancy-deposit-protection/if-your-landlord-doesnt-protect-your-deposit

        “If the court finds your landlord hasn’t protected your deposit, it can order the person holding the deposit to either:

        repay it to you
        pay it into a custodial TDP scheme’s bank account within 14 days
        The court may also order the landlord to pay you up to 3 times the deposit within 14 days of making the order.”

        Posted by Pedro | April 20, 2015, 1:02 pm
      • Bloggers are idiots and dont believe everything you read! They were in rent arrears and lived in plants and muck! #nevertenantsfault #belongonbenefitstreet #rentarrears Am I in your world now? Not fair!!! They lied constantly!!!

        Posted by Lisa | May 20, 2015, 5:02 am
    • Our deposits were in tenant deposit schemes, yes.
      Still waiting for that email from her solicitor, though!

      Posted by knoxee | April 20, 2015, 2:46 pm
      • Definitely secured with the DPS? Worth checking. We were told by Countrywide that ours had been secured but it hadn’t – DPS phoned them up and gave them an ear-bashing; we withheld rent to the amount of the deposit and paid the difference in loose change. Could have claimed against them but were just glad to be shot of them.

        Posted by Pedro | April 20, 2015, 3:10 pm
      • If you didn’t receive a ‘Prescribed Information’ form within 30 days of paying your deposit you can probably make a claim against the landlord (probably not the agent, though) and any section 21 notices will be invalid.

        Posted by Pedro | April 20, 2015, 3:21 pm
      • I think she’d be be smarter to hire a PR firm. I hear Max Clifford’s looking for work. 😉

        Posted by Pedro | April 20, 2015, 8:51 pm
      • You are confused due to being not correctly informed! No we went from limited and disolved that yaers ago as only a small company! we didnt need to pay 4 taxes for other people to live on thats why! Why should we pay 4 taxes? Just go away!!!
        2 sole traders, my husb and full tax and a company tax, just stop it!!!!

        Posted by Lisa | May 20, 2015, 4:30 am
      • You never paid your rent you are in arrears! The flat was disgusting! I thought you had a rant and left this! You will not get your deposit which you know i can prove you have lied now!I And is protected. You lived like Students, Disgusting, you blamed your lack of cleaning on damp? Really? I have the council on my side! Just leave it, you are in rent arrears and its not worth being pathetic and chidish over to be honest! You have moved on, so move on! Stop telling lies Emily its not on!

        Posted by Lisa | May 20, 2015, 4:41 am
  20. Bingo! triple the money back. That’s why landlord should pay better attention to these things.

    Posted by JANICE76 | April 20, 2015, 1:54 pm
    • You all need to GROW UP!!! These Tenants were given an honest and TRUE reference! I can prove it! I am claiming the deposit due to no rent! So say what you want i cant wait til this is resolved as it will go against them! I have all the signatures and the paperwork!

      Posted by Lisa | May 20, 2015, 4:36 am
  21. Lying people!!! You are protected i am persuing this as you know stop telling lies! DPS see you in court for your rent arrears! no need for this at all. I could say ,much worse agsainst you.

    Posted by Lisa | May 20, 2015, 4:32 am
    • Lisa, when is this going to court? This story looks like it’s developing…could be a good local news story…

      Posted by Harry McMann | May 20, 2015, 9:45 am
    • This is such an entertaining outcome from a sad tale. Slumlord ‘property managers’ like this are a plague on renters in the UK, I’m so glad Knoxee’s story is getting such visibility!

      #1 hit on Google for ‘Attic Property Services’, I hope prospective tenants see it and avoid, avoid, avoid. Lisa, you could stand to learn a LOT about professionalism.

      Posted by lysaara | May 20, 2015, 10:51 am
  22. Yes because you’ve shown yourself to be so professional and believable from all this Lisa. People stopped commenting on this ages ago. I think you are the one that needs to ‘move on’.

    Posted by Dino | May 20, 2015, 11:03 am
  23. Lisa,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your experiences with these tenants. I can’t believe they’d expect heating in winter. That’s what jumpers are for, right? And who needs a locking bathroom door?! They could have used buckets in their bedroom if they wanted some privacy. Damp and mould? I don’t see why they’d complain as they lived amongst plants. It just adds to the scenery. Your unique after sales service of charming lawyer threats and internet-viral-fame really is the cherry on top.

    I can’t believe they complain about your lack of communication when it’s clearly obvious you’re able to sit about calmly replying to this blog at all hours. If I’m ever in the area and after a refreshing, icy cold home with an open, welcoming bathroom so guests can drop by and watch us poop, plus with bonus damp (it’s amazing you don’t charge extra for that, good on you!), then I know who to call! xx

    Posted by demonicab | May 20, 2015, 11:18 am
  24. Brilliant, just brilliant

    Posted by Janice76 | October 13, 2015, 7:10 pm
  25. Yo Lisa, is this you??? i think it is, and i see you have (or rather had) a sideline in nails too. Great business spirit, hope your doing well.

    Oh BTW any news on that radiator?

    Posted by Janice76 | October 13, 2015, 7:15 pm
  26. We rented a property back in December 2013 from APS, Lisa Bane in the beginning was lovely, we even bought her a bottle of vodka as a thank you. Forward 2 months, repairs on house was being reported, only to be ignored by her, abusive txt in reply from her, major issues from leaking boiler and radiators, as well as electrical problems with dodgy switches/sockets, extreme damp problems throughout the whole house resulting in mouldy clothes, mattress on 11 yr old sons bed becoming black from damp in his room.
    Constant verbal abuse from Lisa, even to point of playing me and my partner off against each other, she repeated called us liars, never answered the phone when we called her, when tried to e-mail her, the address said non-existent, utter nightmare experience with her, disgusting behaviour too. Really wish we had known this from the start, as we moved 135 miles away from where we lived to start a new life, only to be saddled with this awful woman.

    Posted by Angela | October 29, 2015, 9:30 pm
    • I’m really sorry to hear that Angela. I feel quite lucky I didn’t have a child or anyone to look after while we rented from her, it was stressful enough for me and my housemate Hannah.

      Lisa is truly the most incompetent person I’ve ever dealt with and I’m sad to hear you had that misfortune too. She left a pretty impressive legacy in the comments here, though, which should warn people sufficiently.

      Have you managed to move to another property?

      Posted by knoxee | October 30, 2015, 10:35 am
      • She seems to have quite the landlord business, which is good news for tenants in Newcastle.

        Posted by James McMann | October 30, 2015, 10:38 am
      • Thank you for the reply, yes, thankfully we moved in February this year, to a damp free, warm, lovely house, after 16 months of hell, living in her, supposed, professionally,managed property. It seems too, that even though she let the property out after us, that tenant didn’t stay long, wonder why that was lol, still have occasional contact with the tenant of the property before us, and she and her family, had similar problems, not only with the house ( happened to be same as our issues), but with Lisa herself, surely ALL us tenants can’t be wrong. Further more, appears Mrs Bane, is reluctant to give information we requested, on several occasions, of the Landlords name and address details, which, by law, if requested, she is obliged to give.

        Posted by Angela | November 12, 2015, 1:20 am
  27. Hi angela ,

    I being the previous tenant lol. The house was diabolical, I had to clean it to our standards (ocd . Broken fridge in garden , smashed green house all three bins full of crap . Husband and I spend 3 days removing shot broken glass broken bottles etc and spent 400 pound on it just so we could enjoy it. Many things broken had to be fixed . False promises to fix things which were only carried out after threatening to contact landlord. We let you keep deposit Lisa because we wanted out . Oh and I’m the professional cleaner you told angela you got in, how could you lie like that . Oh wait that came naturally for you .And now I found out your company was dissolved when we did business renting that property. Watch this space !

    Posted by previous tenant | February 3, 2016, 3:09 pm
  28. Gavin & Angela i’m sorry you feel this way. I was the one picking up the pieces out of hours due to a report from the gas engineer of Angela being beaten (she was black and blue) and you had spent the rent to go and see your ex. All I know is what i was told. I admit I was let down by contractors, (they still owe me thousands for works not completed that I instructed and paid for) I had to play it by ear and all in all it got me so down I could not cope with playing “social worker” to you or anyone else. it was happening daily, I had no life.

    I have apologised having three miscarriages done my head in, i just broke down., AIl I just needed was some time to myself and all I wanted was not to be dealing with tenants personal problems, I felt the strain massively and truthfully tenants personal problems were not my job. when you are living with others problems 24/7 and excuses for not paying rent and having 1 hour phonecalls it breaks you in the end

    Can we please be correct on the DPS – they still have your deposit, I never took it! Even though you owed the rent. Contact them, they also have Emilies, you both owe them to your previous Landlords.

    the limited company was dissolved but I continued and paid our taxes not as limited which is above board and legal as a partnership. Its hard to hold down a limited company when people don’t pay their rent as then we don’t get paid yet we still have to pay tax on our accounts.

    That last message was obvious written by two people, anyone that reads it will know that.

    I’m glad you have sorted things out and are happy. Seriously Lettings broke me and the threats etc I was getting, all because I tried to get people to pay their rent. Never again, the letting market is safe i will never ever go back.

    I Don’t appreciate “Watch this Space” as it sounds like a threat? I will never forget you threatening to kill me Gavin! I was scared shitless that time. I never reported it because Angela begged me not too, now reading this I should have, Angela had to calm you down. she even rang me back to apologise on your behalf. Please just leave it. Let this be the end and be happy

    Posted by Lisa | February 18, 2016, 2:35 am

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