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Brougham Castle and Brougham Hall

Much like Penrith, Brougham Castle had humble beginnings in the 13th century as a tower, possibly with wooden palisade walls on the outskirts. At Penrith, as the tower belonging to William Strickland passed to the powerful Neville family, who constructed many of the changes from tower to castle, Brougham was passed over to the Clifford … Continue reading

Richard Plantagenet, Warden of the West Marches of Scotland

As King Richard III, there seems to be an altogether different man compared to Richard, Duke of Gloucester, Governor of the North, Constable of England – and all other manner of titles bestowed upon him before ascending to the throne. Richard is noted as both a loyal and skilled commander in battle, and was chiefly … Continue reading

Conflicting sources

While a number of books indicate slight variations (usually on castle dimensions), I’ve come across a book that entirely contradicts all my other sources (including a book which I was pleasantly surprised to see written by Teesside University’s own professor of history). Here is, as I establish it, a branch of the Neville family associated … Continue reading

Countryside: “The Gym Extension”

No angry, ranty response about a specific piece of work should start without showing the original source, so here it is, by author Marion Shoard. Her piece starts on page six, but there‚Äôs an insightful introduction about Marion on pages four and five too, also worth reading. After a look at her web site (here) … Continue reading