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Wetheral Priory Gatehouse

Wetherall Priory was founded in 1106, the gatehouse however (which appears to be the last remaining building, or at least the most complete) has been modified as late as the 15th century. Red sandstone has been salvaged from various missing monastery buildings, including a chapel and a school, and incorporated into nearby homes and walls, … Continue reading

Tynemouth Priory

After accidentally buying the wrong ticket at the metro, I decided to go to Tynemouth and visit the Priory. The weather was dreadful, and that’s compounded by being in such an exposed coastal area when it’s already windy and rainy. Anyway, onto old buildings! The rood screen divides the eastern section of the church, an … Continue reading

Kendal Castle

I’ve not got round to doing research here, but Kendal Castle was a magnificent place to visit – the remains stand tall above the town on a steep and defensible hill, surrounded by a deep moat that still holds some gathered water. You have to walk about half the perimeter of the castle to reach … Continue reading

Brougham Castle and Brougham Hall

Much like Penrith, Brougham Castle had humble beginnings in the 13th century as a tower, possibly with wooden palisade walls on the outskirts. At Penrith, as the tower belonging to William Strickland passed to the powerful Neville family, who constructed many of the changes from tower to castle, Brougham was passed over to the Clifford … Continue reading